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Mo and Jarle met in High school band, and began to jam and write songs under the name Fermented Grapes. Years later, Carlos met Jarle while sitting in with Jarle's college band Janx Spirit and blowing him away. Moving to Austin several years later, Jarle looked up Carlos and they formed Sqynt including Eric Maxwell, a former Janx Spirit co-conspirator. Despite Sqynt's signs of promise, after college, Eric departed for Houston, leaving a dysfunctional four-piece. Jarle and Carlos disbanded that project and lured Mo out of his then project, Based on a True Story. Thus was formed the mighty ...Expand text.
Updated Dec 18 2016.
Last Logged In Unknown.
This Account Created Sep 29, 2000 4:49 pm.

Dubo (2:27) Ponderous (3:24) Petrol Baby (4:21) Blue Eyes (3:50) Waterspirit (3:50) Landscaping in the Frontierlands (4:32) Buddha from Buda (4:47)
UD: 1 years ago
Rhyme (3:30) Freespace (3:35) Tribute to Tim (2:32) Cappucino (2:19) Beast (4:23) Rebel in the Desert (4:58) Butterfly (4:00) Chicxulub (3:31) Mr McGoo (4:27) Demented Caretaker (3:28) Cactus (4:17) Bilbobaggins (5:13) Flowerchildren (4:32)
UD: 1 years ago
The UGI Machine 0:38 Our Disembodied Sluice (3:01) Chocolate shoes (5:15) Birds (3:35) Hey Ho (2:51) Megan Swings (2:06) 'J' is for Jesus (5:35) Mo Speaks (0:44) Lucien and Jaco (4:34) Mice (5:31) Go Black Jesus Go (4:39) Accenting the ...expand text.
UD: 1 years ago

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