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The band describe themselves as epic hard energetic rock riffs and jaw dropping solo's, topped with the life affirming melodies and lyrics all driven on by a juggernaut rhythm section.
UD: 1 years ago
Recorded at Sony Studios - Santa Monica, CA.
UD: 1 years ago
Sort of out the back of a wrong owl, this tennis adventure is geared towards orange furniture and waiters with boring nightlives.
UD: 1 years ago
'Described by American press as 'the female Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails),' Jane Saunders has managed to kick down the door of The genre's Gentleman's Club by fronting, writing and co-producing all of this truly heavy and brilliantly melodic metal ...expand text.
UD: 1 years ago
Christmas eve Dad looks at me and says I look like a snail. Obvious enough, he had too many cheese dogs, but I still call him up and thank him for letting me borrow his toothbrush.
UD: 1 years ago
totally baxter - a real new thing for Shelly
UD: 1 years ago
UD: 1 years ago
we sdtarted inht qijf3hbiuhbevwknv vrrr
UD: 1 years ago
Number One Common create a fresh style of hard rock by throwing heavy grooves, alternative rock melodies, punk rock attitude and metal guitar solos all into the same blender and spitting it out right into your face with an intense ...expand text.
UD: 1 years ago
Our first good sounding demo. It definately covers all of our influences and represents us well.
UD: 1 years ago
from The Pinche Hueros, 'Train Wreck' new album
UD: 1 years ago
Accoustic demo.
UD: 1 years ago
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