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'I am here to share the wisdom with my fellow Africans, sisters and brothers. 'I am here so that we may enlighten each other on a number of issues affecting all of us as human beings and Africans in particular,' he says. He has produced a thought provoking offering, and he has a lot to say. It is refreshing to hear from someone who is taking their responsibilities as a role model and educator as well as entertainer seriously. There are some very serious messages on here, a real education if you choose it to be, however it is presented in an accessible way. 2Ban also does video art and we received a DVD with image and video collages to their tracks, and the result is unlike anything we saw from a hip hop artist yet - 2Ban touch on a lot of topics that would make other conscious emcees feel like going back to the library.These albums are richly packed with African historical jewels for your mind. Not only is 2Ban an excellent lyricist who puts across a lot of positive messages, he's also a talented producer. Basically a one man band who definitely needs to be heard. Roots Hip-hop..