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My works arise from the transfer of the inner occurences to the outside. As a painter, I see a similar inspirational impulses like a writer or a composer would, when they are trying to express their inner feelings. Throughout the work I keep adding more and more layers so that the forms and colours at the end are totaly different from the ones in the beginning. This way many paintings lie one over another, although only the last statement may stay visible.The transparency of my paintings depends on the individual and his/her personal view, which can discover the other ...Expand text.
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Kristin Dorfhuber
Most people dream in colour and I one day as I woke up I realized how very vivid these colours often can be. This was my source of inspiration. The 'abstract realism' overtones in the painting come from my subconscious, ...expand text.
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Print Size: A4 (8 1/4 x 11 3/4 inch.)