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A Conspiracy of Hope
Phantasmagoric,Melodic,psychedelic,hypnotic,discordant lo-fi indie rock.Poetic vocals combine with lush soundscapes to create a soothing and disturbing amalgamut.Not to be enjoyed if you're a rivet head, but good if you're into stuff like Belly,Mazzy Star,Lush,The Smiths,Cranes,Swans,Delerium,Hum or old Massive Attack. A Conspiracy of Hope. Tinkertoy Music for damaged minds. Started as a recording project by a brother and sister many moons ago.Now ACOH seeks to take our mutual vision further,yet again.Reborn for the millionth time.That vision?besides Sidhe you mean? Music is the one true "Universal' amongst our species.EVERYONE loves music.We see it as something more though,a connection to the Divine in it's ...Expand text.
Fords, NJ
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A Conspiracy of Hope
a lo-fi rehearsal jam.just one mike.just a little taste.
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