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Antidote Records, the label responsible for spawning a horror-rock avalanche in 2003 which continues to devastate the underground music scene today, have announced the upcoming release of a new compilation CD. Entitled 'Under the Radar: Volume I', this disc marks a brave step forward for the label, which seems to have expanded its musical scope above and beyond all things horror. This disc features bands from across the globe and styles ranging from bluesy, folky numbers to all out bombastic blasts of pure punk power ...and everything in between. The international roster is as wide and varied musically as they ...Expand text.
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St. Madness

Song Titles:
Back from the Dead
The Crown
Beat you to the Punch
Evil Me
Waiting to Die
Ice Pick
I Wanna Get High
It's Over
Jet Plane to Heaven
Red, White
UD: 5 years ago
St. Madness

Song Titles:
My Love is pain
Loneliness is Black
Conquer the Mountain
Acts of Contrition
Maybe Tomorrow
Living in a Dying World
Crown of Thorns
The Uncommitted Lover
UD: 5 years ago
St. Madness

Song Titles:
J.C. 2000 (the Jesus Clone)
Breaking the Law
Bloody Angels
Here Comes the Judge
Praise the Chip
Scare the World
Olos Ratiug
The Sky is Falling
Money Pigs
Spiders of Suicide
Caught in the Vortex
The Anger I'm Feeling
The Crucifixion of Rock-n-Roll
UD: 5 years ago
St. Madness

Song Titles:
Manic Mind
Preach Hate
Porcine Amore
In Love with a Human
Loves Butcher Shop
You are my Food
One Hour 'Till Death
UD: 5 years ago
St. Madness

Song Titles:
From the Abyss
No Mercy
The Crown
Sexual Abuse
Evil Me
You Are My Food
When the Terror Comes
Dark Night of the Soul
Wild Thing
St. Madness
Here Comes the Judge
Love's Butcher Shop Insane
God Bless America
Ice Pick
Hey Joe
Evil Elvis
We're All Going to Hell
UD: 5 years ago