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Amogh Symphony
AMOGH SYMPHONY is a Vedic Progressive Metal solo project of musician Vishaljit Singh borned in april 15 1985.Being influenced by many diverse and versatile bands and musicians like RUDRA,NECROPHAGIST,SYMPHONY X,MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA,SHAKTI,CRYPTOPSY,MOZART,YANNI,DAVE WECKL,DENNIS CHAMBERS,PINK FLOYD,TRILOK GURTU,SPASTIC INK,Vishal started working on this project since 2003.Vishal is basically a drummer but also plays guitar,santoor,indian classical flutes,bass,piano,keyboard and sarod for recording purpose.Currently workin on the 1st album of AMOGH SYMPHONY which will feature Neo Classic Power Metal guitarist Sunny D'Souza(PROJECT X),Lyricist/Poet Vishala Katta and Neo Classical guitarist Sigfrid Sangma.Onstage,Amogh Symphony is a Symphonic Orchestra with indian classical orchestration and arrangement along with a progressive/technical ...Expand text.
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Amogh Symphony
Amogh Symphony-Ashwamedh-Skand 2 is the debut album which is going to be released on may.The album is based and inspired by hindu testaments and epics.All instruments are played and recorded by Vishal Jit Singh.Also featuring Neo Classical Power Metal Guitarist ...expand text.
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