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Oliver gets in contact with music in a deeper and more individual way around 1992 As a matter of fact he didnt like electronic music at all by that time. 2unlimited, capella or any mainstream sound in the 90s was just stupid music for him. One of the first influences was judas priest, painkiller but heavy metal wasnt his style either, though he loves judas or similar music even today.. he was very influenced by thrash, death, black metal and of course hardcore, like madball, biohazard etc rap metal as well some classical music and doom death too, ...Expand text.
Sfantu Gheorghe, Covasna
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experimental ambient is a non danceble trance ..well, you can dance but in a very diferrent way ..and some tracks on this album are quite danceable songs.. ambient is a music on a higher frequency at least different freq like ...expand text.
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we can say that the Universe is a small part of space in a perfect harmony, existing and coexisting at the same time & non-time through multidimensional, physical and metaphysical hyperspace, under a professional control by Goad I guess using ...expand text.
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