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Asparagus Allstars
The Asparagus Allstars is an instrumental, electric Funk/Rock/Jazz band located in New Orleans, LA.The band was formed in the fall of 2000 as a free jazz group in Lafayette, LA, more focused on performance than rehearsal. It was originally a five piece group made up of trombone, guitar, bass, drums, and percussion. By the start of 2001 the Allstars had gathered a loyal following, and the horn section changed to a trumpet and tenor sax front line. Around this same time the group changed its style to funk/jazz and the group started writing its own music. The Allstars spent the ...Expand text.
New Orleans,
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Asparagus Allstars
Anthony Cuccia - Percussion Brad Black - Trumpet Brian Nelson - Drums Chad Viator - Guitar Chris French - Bass Tim McFatter - Sax
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