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I have sculpted all my life: when I was three it was in soap with a knife, later in wood, then stone. I have been a full-time self-supporting artist and craftswoman since 1967, when I became the sole support of my six children. I spent twenty of those years as a custom-designing jeweler, with my own store/gallery in Laguna Beach, California, where I also exhibited at the Festival of the Arts.In 1985, having already moved to rural Mendocino County and with all my children grown and moved out (yes, there IS life after motherhood), I began sculpting again. Without dependents, ...Expand text.
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C Whitehorn
Bronze and verde antique marble on oak base with built-in turntablelimited edition of 25 with some still available
UD: 5 years ago
C Whitehorn
Bronze with sterling silver or bronze feather 11'h x 9'w x 6' don oak base with built-in turntableedition size limited to 25 with some still available
UD: 5 years ago