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Cellar Door
Cellar Door is the solo project of LRN Lauren Smith, that typically consists of a pretty girl, an acoustic guitar, and an electric organ. LRN's always looking for more people to join in on the fun of Cellar Door, and comes to shows armed with tambourines, shakers & other fun supplies for random participation. With vocals lying somewhere between Bjork and Patsy Cline and accompaniment that's a mixture of Cat Power, Joanna Newsom and Iron & Wine, Cellar Door offers a smooth ride in the listening experience. Other fun facts about the life of Cellar Door: LRN majors in philosophy ...Expand text.
Austin, TX
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Cellar Door
Fun times with Cellar Door. Five songs from the past five years: All of My Life and Conversations in Circles are from the 2002 recordings - I was all of 15 years old!!! Tame You and Unravel were ...expand text.
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