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Born in Dayton, Ohio in 1955, Cherylann always enjoyed the peace she felt everytime she picked up a pencil since she was a young girl. She would study human objects for hours to capture their expressions and movements. Sometimes it would be a person, animal or object. She was fasinated by the shapes and shadows that each movement made. An all time Award-Winning Artist and Poet, Cherylann has just completed her 125th painting and drawings. Oil Paint, Sketches, Illustrations can be seen by Cherylann all over the world in gallerys, in books, or someone's wall. Cherylann thrives on custom orders, ...Expand text.
Rocky Ford,
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'Brotherly Love' is a oil painting approximately 38x46 inches. The original painting by Cherylann
UD: 4 years ago
Original Size: 38' x 46'