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COLDREAD 'SPIRITUAL METAL' FROM BOSTON MASSEven as you read this, Coldread (pronounced cold-reed) are plotting their path to make 2006 the year their mark is made upon the world with their music, and their undeniably impressive live energy and show. There will be no tales of faltering, failing or rising, only a note that this band has been forged in what could be perceived as a pre-destined fashion. Coldread are a 'Spiritual' metal band from MA. Spiritual not necessarily in the manner of organized religion, but that all living things are connected and have a purpose.
Coldread give the masses ...Expand text.
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Coldread - Together We All...Was recorded November 2006 in NJ. Recorded/mixed and produced by Max Illidge (40 below summer/Blackmarket hero) as well as guest vocals on 1 track. 8 songs total. to hear a few more of them go to: ...expand text.
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