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We live & work in Fremantle, Western Australia. Here, the skies are blue & the sun shines pretty much every day for the best part of 9 months a year. Beautiful white, sandy beaches stretch off in both directions for hundreds of miles. We have great cafes & an easy lifestyle. The comment that we most attract is that we have a summery sound, hardly suprising. We have two distinct Sounds on this new album 'SLOW BURN'... one charecterized by a slinky electro feel, reminiscent of bands like Massive Attack, Olive, Morcheeba & Moloko with the silky sounds of Bree ...Expand text.
Hamilton Hill
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The other is best described as Funk over beats sometimes Breaks, sometimes House, sometimes Hiphop, where ever the fancy takes us. This is the music we naturally play when we jam. Lawdoggy gets down & dirty on the drums (electronic) ...expand text.
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