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Drink Fuelled Violence
Drink Fuelled Violence is a 4 piece Punk Rock band from London/Essex England! They are always working hard to play as many gigs as possible, perfect thier music and record new material! Thier music varies from Political to Sex and is great music to just rock out to!Our Line Up:-Craig -Guitar,Chris -Guitar,Alfie -Bass,Nick -Drums!Drink Fuelled Violence was formed by Craig, Nick and former bassist Tom back in 2003 and played under the name The Abused! After almost 3 years they have gone from a 3 piece pop/punk band to a 4 piece Punk Rock band playing venues in and around ...Expand text.
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Drink Fuelled Violence
'What A Good Night Out' was recorded in Feburary 2005 at Studio 54 in Barking Essex by Glen Parish. It is a 4 track demo but it of excellent sound quality! The tracks include:-1)INTO/Lost2)One Night Stand3)Get Outta My ...expand text.
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