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Epitome Apparel
'Epitome Apparel,' pronounced ( and defined as, ' The Ideal Example ' is a company dedicated to represent the individual and his/her passion. A catalyst of expression, individualism, and passion for the sole individual. Representing the ones that are extraordinary at what they do, not by being the best at it but for simply loving it. A company that truly supports all that begged to differ. Ones that lead their own paths with pure disregard to criticism, doubts, and all that is negative. It is a clothing line that is universal in so many aspects and yet no boundries. Simply ...Expand text.
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Epitome Apparel
6.1 oz. Black or Chocolate 100% Cotton T-shirt, Pre-shrunk,2 color front print of ancient Pilipino vanished writing form. White print of 'Epitome' overlapping right across the khaki colored Alibata writing of the letters 'EA' and below the the 2 letters ...expand text.
UD: 6 years ago
Sizes: S - 2XL
Colors: Chocolate, Black
Materials: 100 % Cotton
Gender: Selling