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FLOE MONTANA, born in Conn., raised in Sacramento, CA is the next hottest hip-hop artist to come out!!! Here you can buy this cd of an incredible lyrical genius!!! Floe is about to drop on the world, what Frank Bruno (Frank hosts a sports show on FOX radio-his audience is 4 million strong-Floe's music starts the show!!!), Knocturnal (Dr. Dre's ghostwriter), Tyra Banks (Floe's music is getting played on TOP MODEL on FOX every Tuesday for the next 3 years)and Snoop Dogg (Snoop guests appears on a track on Floe's upcoming cd)already knows!!! FLOE MONTANA's 2nd offering, '4TH & INCHES' ...Expand text.
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FLOE MONTANA is dropping his cd $TH and INCHES this summer!! Most of the songs on this mix is from that album featuring Snoop Dogg, Warren G., Tray Dee, Guild Of Assassins, and more!!
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