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Indie Bible
The Indie Contact Bible is the ultimate resource for the independent musician. It is organized, in-depth and current, and there is nothing out there like it! Keep it within reach and your business will benefit.' ....Jeri Goldstein author, How To Be Your Own Booking Agent 'The Indie Contact Bible is far and away the most comprehensive resource for getting exposure for your music on the Internet' ......Daylle Deanna Schwartz, author of The Real Deal: How to Get Signed to a Record Label from A to Z and Start & Run Your Own Record Label The Indie Contact Bible shows you ...Expand text.
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David Wimble
The Indie Contact Bible contains over 3100 reviewers and radio stations that are willing to give your music a listen. There are also over 100 services that will help you to sell your music over the Internet, as well as ...expand text.
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