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Liquid EDGE
Mutation is a collective of whome are Liquid edge Top Notch Spawn and Alima.. Covering Drum and Bass Of the NeroFunk Tech Step Style as well as The More Logical Progression esque Tracks and a few Dance Floor Clown Step Upfront Dnb.. Hip Hop Of various styles including Grime Pop Rap and Epic Masterpieces.. Also we dable in house/Trance/Electronica/Indie and well anything that we like.. All the music at present is Programed with sequencers computers and outboard equipment. We are currently in the process of putting together a live band/element by including live Bass and Drums along with the raps and vocalists to intertwine with the productions.
West Sussex
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Updated Aug 25, 2017 08:35 am.
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Genre by Mutation is Genre defying! Featuring styles of drum and bass, hip hop & house and more. Mutation are LIquidEDGE (Production, Engineering, Vocals, Words) Top Notch ( Vocals, Production, Words) Spawn (Productionb & Engineering) Alima (Voclas, Words). The point ...expand text.
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