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Lucky Band
Lucky Band Is a Crafty Blend Of Generations. Together They Offer over 45 years of practice and dedication Jeff is in the 30 something age bracket and John is in the 50 something age bracket. Both John And Jeff have an eclectic Taste in Music Band Members Lucky Band consists of Two Members, John Cothes ..Guitar,HARP/Lead Vocals.. Jeff Millar Guitar,Vocals ..Others.. INFLUENCES:John's are of the following:Dvorak for his explorations into folk.Schoenberg for the Chromatic Scale, Scriabian's innovation and coloration John Coltrane for the search for something else. Django for his two fingered maddness. Arlo, Dylan. Jeff's are of the following: ...Expand text.
Lake Worth,
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Lucky Band
Lucky Band has an strange pallet of Music at this time at least for a few short weeks we will stream our music via arttopium, and then most likely sell it we have many many records that will be available ...expand text.
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