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Michael Cotner
Michael Cotner Project Cd-- This album will blow you away. It incorporates guitar styles ranging from Heavy Metal to guitar solos to composeing like Bach. Also note for note renditions. It has all the talent that a guitar player should have with all the tecqniques of styles.01-Maggie Song.02-HugeCathedral.03-Revelation.04-Holy Wars.05-Mike's Wah.06-Kokopelli.07-Secret Agent.08-Bach Solo.09-Rain Song.10-Page Solo.11-Mike's Improv.12-Riff Raff.13-Eruption.14-Mr.Crowley.15-Tornado Solo.16-CatScratchFeaver.17-Purple Haze.18-Mexican Song.'Most CD's only give you 9 to 10 songs per album,but this album gives you a 'DOUBLE CD' for the price of less than one CD,think about that.over an hour of music so you will not have to change a Cd for ...Expand text.
Channahon, IL
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cosmic mike
This is a short 32 second slide video sampel of many different times and places that I was in the past. dedicated to entertain people.
UD: 6 years ago
Producer: cosmic mike
Director: cosmic mike
Format: Original Print
Michael Cotner Project
01-MAGGIE SONG -an instrumental I composed. 02-Huge Cathedral- This song starts out psychedelic and dramatic with a lot of intrigue uncertainty. First you are approaching this Huge Cathedral as the intro of ...expand text.
UD: 6 years ago