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Missing Zori
Missing Zori is a band in Austin, TX that plays a varity of math rock, indie, soul, dance, metal, rap and almost everything in between. Originated in Anchorage, Alaska in 2001, Missing Zori has maintained it's founding members. Brian Porter sings and plays guitar. John Lee plays bass. April Cowell plays drums... for the most part anyway. All 3 members rotate intruments for certain arrangements. They have self released 3 albums, the latestof which is an EP entitled 'bloodqueef'. Their live shows are also high energy and entertaining. They are based in Austin, and do most shows there. Missing Zori ...Expand text.
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Missing Zori
The members of Missing Zori have an interesting sense of humor. One look at the cover of their recent EP raises eyebrows and even a few people's blood pressure. The nearly blank cover consists only of the title, bloodqueef, which ...expand text.
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