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Repeat Offenders
Repeat Offenders - where 'Throwback Hip Hop' lives! The latest album, BY EXAMPLE, available RIGHT NOW.

To carve their own niche in the world of urban music, the members of Repeat Offenders pride themselves on humility and their ability to captivate audiences with their ?throwback? hip-hop. These artists feel a deep obligation to the community, and music in general, to avoid the overused song content of misogyny, violence, wealth, and drug use. Instead, on a quest to change the hip-hop landscape, Repeat Offenders? emotional lyrics and performances attempt to expand this musical genre and address personal and social struggles that they ...Expand text.

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Repeat Offenders
By Example - non-stop 'throwback hip hop' for fans of an era gone by. Hip hop music for the everyday person with everyday problems...something for everyone to relate to. Featuring Jadox The Black Spider on the track 'Building'and ...expand text.
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