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Riding Shotgun
The Boston-based instrumental trio, Riding Shotgun, originally formed in May of 2002 as an experimental side project among a few close friends. Things quickly evolved into something larger, as a strong musical connection was realized. To draw style comparisons, Riding Shotgun's sound has been likened as a cross between Tortoise, Medeski, Martin & Wood, Radiohead and Pink Floyd. After releasing a 4-song EP in 2003 ..leave by eleven....., performing at venues such as The Middle East and TT the Bear's, and opening for bands like Metric and Drums & Tuba ..Righteous Babe Records.., the band is proud to announce the ...Expand text.
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Riding Shotgun
NIGHTfalls was recorded over a one year period in 2004/2005. It was recorded/produced/mixed and mastered by the members of Riding Shotgun. 'NIGHTfalls' is an engaging listening experience for fans of rock, jazz and electronic music.
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