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Silverback Jonz
I came up w/ the name siLvErbAck jOnZ! about 4 years ago during a collaboration w/ an artist named Legion the Darkside who was then on an independant label called Cloud9 Records. Way before I ever heard of Mike Jones. SO DON'T HATE OR AFFILIATE! That has to be one of my biggest pet pieves. I don't like comparisons to some resemblances in style to Lenny Kravitz. Though his music is great... it just lets me know that you really have'nt taken a good listen to siLvErbAck jOnZ!. I've been playing guitar for over 20yrs. For the last 6 of ...Expand text.
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siLvErbAcK jOnZ!
This collection of work is a product of several years of home recording. No musicians other than siLvErbAck jOnZ! contributed to the making of this album. The name of the the album is an insight to my personality
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