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Stacey Miller
Pairing subtle grunge undertones with middle-eastern flavored riffs, Stacey Miller's style is as eclectic as it is innovative. Honest lyrics intertwine intricate melodies to create sound scapes that challenge the listener to hear all the nuances presented.

Hailing from Rockland County, NY, Ms. Miller picked up her guitar at 16 and has not been seen without it since. Self taught, with the exception of a few jazz and classical guitar courses under her belt from college, her writing style has developed on its own by aiming to produce an original sound.

Crediting Henry Rollins, Alice in Chains, Kings X, and ...Expand text.

Austin, TX
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Stacey Miller
Recorded and co-produced by Phillip Lee of Big Trunk Productions in 2006. Features all original music by Stacey Miller. Vocals and main guitar tracks all by Ms. Miller. Additional drums, bass, synth and lead guitar by Philly.
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