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The Doctor
The Doctor Project is a metal act unlike any other. Former Blacklyst bassist and vocalist Mark Schwenk, aka 'The Doctor' has gone out on his own and creaated a different musical experience. After 13 years and 3 cd's with Blacklyst, The Doctor took a year off and began writing material for a new project. After years of team songwriting, he decided to come forth with his own untouched compositions. He also decided to make it a TRUE solo project, so, being able to play 12 instruments, The Doctor began recording songs using NO OTHER MUSICIANS. Playing every instrument, and doing ...Expand text.
Hollywood, FL
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The Doctor Project
PLANET EARTH : ELEMENTS is a cd like no other....Reminiscent of the great Satriani/Vai instrumental masterpieces, PE:E is one of the most innovative and powerful cd's ever made. The Doctor uses his extraordinary interpretive skills to put the planet and ...expand text.
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The Doctor Project
WRATH OF THE GODS is the second of an amazing 2 cd work by The Doctor Project. The music interprets the great Greek, Norse, Roman, and Egyptian gods of mythology in a totally new format. You can step back into ...expand text.
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