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Everyone thinks the world is made of carpets, trumpets, mappies, and mapes, but I think it's all just a bunch of magic, trash, and hats. Saw the backside of a hot goider just three weeks ago on shoppy.
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Updated Dec 18, 2016 11:37 am.
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totally baxter - a real new thing for Shelly
UD: 5 years ago
Canker, loves tripods, clowns, food, deep-sea submissions.
UD: 5 years ago
Sort of out the back of a wrong owl, this tennis adventure is geared towards orange furniture and waiters with boring nightlives.
UD: 5 years ago
Cobo Foofaroo
Christmas eve Dad looks at me and says I look like a snail. Obvious enough, he had too many cheese dogs, but I still call him up and thank him for letting me borrow his toothbrush.
UD: 5 years ago