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analog missionary
Analog Missionary has developed a vast, multi-layered sound that sweeps from grandiose movements of intense power to calmer moments of emotive introspection. Their sound has been characterized as sultry, acoustically complex, sonically textured, and eclectic. The band's strength is their ability to balance the fragile with the ferocious... Anstrom's singing has been described as a layer of voices, a vocal multiplicity that lifts and swoons, excites and calms; vocal variations that are both hauntingly beautiful and deliciously exciting.
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analog missionary
Gothic Beauty Magazine, Issue 18, Fall 2005When you first hear Analog Missionary, take note, you are NOT listening to Kate Bush on the lead vocal track. In a genre all their own (ambient Prog-Rock), this band has pieces of ...expand text.
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analog missionary
Containing 14 tracks of music written for the classic 1922 silent film Nosferatu, Analog Missionary's Voyage of the Demeter is, understandably, a bit different from the band's previous album, Transmitter. Mainly instrumental, it falls a little closer to the ethereal/orchestral ...expand text.
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