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'Artemis' is a film about a Harvard boy who falls for a freak who shows him that there's more to life than the upper-middle-class ideal.

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The only beginning is birth, the only end is death. If you can't count on that, what can you count on? Since receiving my MFA from CalArts, I have spent the first five contiguous months of my life since I was three not in schooling of one kind or another. I have been attending film festivals hither and yon with my thesis film 'Shaft of Light'. In addition, I made an enormous sculture/video installation for the city of Philadelphia (a commission called the ArtFront Partnership) with my sister. It is called 'Boxed In,' and is at 13th and Chestnut in Philadelphia. Well, right about now, I'm travelling quite a bit with my film 'Shaft of Light.' It's being shown at festivals all over hell's half acre, and I'm going when I can. I just finished a really big sculpture/video installation in center city Philadelphia, called 'Boxed In,' which my sister and I made for the ArtFront Partnership. Now I'm going to travel for a bit, and hunt down a job, unless I am fortunate enough to find a place at the MIT Media Lab, where I hope to pursue further graduate studies. I'm not sure what is going to occur in the future, chemical predetermination notwithstanding. But for me, it will involve as many as possible of the following: biology, computers, sculpture, film making, oceans, jungles, animation, bugs, surfing, travel, and thought. I will do my best to avoid diseases, entangling alliances, and prisons of any sort.Future projects may include:The Domino Effect in which a row of dominos will be knocked over in Philadelphia, and will telecommunicate to another row in L.A.andAtlas an herculean sculpture for the lobby of a new skyscraper. The universe will collapse back in upon itself, and the whole damn thing will start over.