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Carmin's website displays her digital photo collage, web artworks, summarized cyber-centric installation work.Carmin is fully focused on Internet Art. Her work can be seen online in several galleries, e-zines and websites, and was exhibited in the Boston area at the Bromfield Art Gallery, the Attleboro Museum, Computer Museum, and DeCordova Museum during the Boston Cyberarts Festival, 1999. Statement:I create computer dreamscapes.I have focused my art work on the Internet.I am playing with the aesthetics of confusion.I am combining technology and pleasant experiences.I am always looking to collaborate with other Internet Artists.These photo collages started as scanned images. I used Adobe Photoshop, Fractal Design Painter, and Kai's Power Tools. I like the computer look; I'm borg. Recycling images is fine with me, so I use my photographs, friends' images or photos (with their consent), and sometimes parts of stock images.