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Gina and Kate

32x40Print size 20x24Black metal frame and acryllic 1991

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MC: How did you make the transition from Musician to Producer... to Singer to Photographer... to Web Publisher ?<p>Cyril: As a musician, I started as a pianist and got a degree in composition. I started writing songs. When the female acts I was producing at the time didn't fit the vibe, I began to sing the songs myself.<p>While producing other acts I wasn't happy with the photography or cover art I was receiving from other photographers and graphic artists, so I learned photography. I became pretty proficient very quickly. My talents were recognized and published early on. A career change was inevitable. I do continue to produce my own and other musical acts.<p>The idea of web publishing came out of the necessity to propagate my work to a wide international audience and to connect to other artists, musicians, poets, etc. I guess it's pretty evident that I like to produce my own work and I'll go to great lengths to get it just the way I want it. <p>MC: How many hours a day do you work ? Describe your schedule ? <p>Cyril: Well, I never really stop working. Really. I do have momentary bouts with unconsciousness. (Translation: I take naps in my coffin) lol. And yes, I stay up all night. If I do sleep it's usually between sunrise and noon only. My day is comprised of work in the fields of fashion photography, graphic, textile and web design, music production and songwriting <p>MC: What do you look for from your magazine contributors ? <p>Cyril : I contact many of my contributors on line. I meet them in chat rooms, on ICQ or if I'm intrigued by their website I'll contact them via e-mail. I look for a contributor who has bizarre taste and uniqueness in style.