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The fantastic new album from Nelson. This is a must for any blues fan!!!The blues is a living thing, like every living thing- it changes. Nelson brings the blues bang up to date.

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Born and growing up in Brighton, Nelson?s first contact with musicians was when the Shadows bass player, Brian Locking came to stay. One of Nelson?s strongest memories is of Brian and a fellow musician creating music with his mother?s saucepans. Nelson began writing songs when, at 16, he joined his first band, Parsley.<p>The bass player he replaced, Julian Scott later went on to have a number one record ?Pop Music? with his brother Robin under the name of ?M?. <p>Nelson always had a great interest in recording and turned to record production.Nelson produced various singles and albums for fledgling independent labels. The first single, for a band called Carnage featured the artist Jake Chapman of the Chapman Brothers on lead guitar. Jake also designed the picture sleeve. <p> The band signed a P&D deal with Rough Trade and made two albums. A track was included on a Christmas compilation, reaching number 1 in the independent chart. Nelson also produced a single for the band Onslaught achieving number 5 in the NME chart.<p>Having mastered recording and production techniques, Nelson began writing again.<p>Teaming up with another guitarist, Nelson formed the band Mojo Filter. Originally intended to be a vehicle for Nelson?s material, the band slowly turned into a covers band playing around a hundred gigs a year.<p>Disillusioned, Nelson left the band to concentrate on writing and recording his own material. The product of this was the album ?Electric?, released in 2004. While having a blues influence, ?Electric? demonstrates Nelson?s ability to write authentic blues songs (You Gotta Be Nice, I?m Blinded) as well as strong melodic ballads (Can It Hurt, I Can Roll) and straight on rock (What Am I).<p>Nelson performs many of the songs from ?Electric? and the follow up album both with a band and at solo acoustic performances.<p>?Electric? has been played on radio stations in 15 countries, received glowing reviews and even appeared in various blues and radio charts worldwide, recently featuring in Dutch radio station ?Blue Ears? top 25 over a year after it?s release. <p>During early 2005 Nelson recorded the follow up to ?Electric? ? ?Acoustic?