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S.Carson Mixtape Vol.2

I learned a whole lot in a reletively short time about how hard it is to put together a promotional mixedtape. Especially when you put up all the money yourself. I learned my lesson. Not to say I wouldn't continue making mixtapes, but I knew much better what I would be dealing with after the first experience. Anyway, I created a mix of known and unkwon artist. 14 unsigned guys on a cd. Since mixtapes ultimately have become filled with major label artist with either written 'freestyles' or tracks that are on their albums. You could easily in this day compile these songs on your own without some dude yelling his name through out the cd.

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Epitomizing, the attitude of a spokesperson for the anti-pigeonhole movement, Conscious is an artist of many facets. A lateral thinker that not only contemplates outside of the boxes that society attempts to create for him, but reshapes them to fabricate art in multiple forms.<p>If you've been paying any attention at all you'd know that I act and do improv. Well in 2005 I did a cameo in NYC's hiphop group The Blue Room's video 'Show Me The Money'.