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Asparagus Allstars

Anthony Cuccia - Percussion Brad Black - Trumpet Brian Nelson - Drums Chad Viator - Guitar Chris French - Bass Tim McFatter - Sax

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The Asparagus Allstars is an instrumental, electric Funk/Rock/Jazz band located in New Orleans, LA.The band was formed in the fall of 2000 as a free jazz group in Lafayette, LA, more focused on performance than rehearsal. It was originally a five piece group made up of trombone, guitar, bass, drums, and percussion. By the start of 2001 the Allstars had gathered a loyal following, and the horn section changed to a trumpet and tenor sax front line. Around this same time the group changed its style to funk/jazz and the group started writing its own music. The Allstars spent the next year playing weekly gigs in Lafayette, LA and occasionally in Baton Rouge, LA. After becoming the newest local hit, and recording their first CD, the band moved to New Orleans to further widen their audience in January 2002. The Asparagus Allstars now perform regularly throughout Louisiana and the South, and are quickly winning over audiences everywhere they appear.