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Run For India

Run For India takes you through their most heart felt emotions while keeping their hardcore ways.

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In the summer of 2002 forming from the remnants of various bands in Pittsburgh and South Florida, Run for India met with the purpose of making innovative, energetic original, and extremely meaningful music. Singer/guitarist Steve Jarrett met drummer Matt Neubart and despite some initial chemistry problems, Run for India began its songwriting, recording, and show process in the surrounding area from Chatham College to Metropol to Club Laga and established through their own motivational forces an innovative and incredibly energetic style. Derived from the influences of Poison the Well, Thursday, At the Drive-In and combined with a softer aspect of influence from Deathcab for Cutie and Sunny Day Real Estate, Run for India has blended emo-core, indie, screamo, post-hardcore and new age elements to form a driving form of music. With upcoming regional, east coast, west coast, and national tours with bands such as Breaking Pangea, Hopesfall, Thursday, Never Heard of it and My Chemical Romance they promise a stellar performance from their debut full-length the Early Fall out December 22, 2002.