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Eyes Of A Child

I have been a musican/songwriter as long as I can remember. Music is my first love. I write, perform , and record all of my own material playing all musical parts and doing all vocals. I started playing for audiences in Jr. High school thru high school playing dances and parties.Played local as well as touring the night club scene. I left music for sometime...but have come back revitalized concentrating on my writing and studio work. Music is my greatest renews me.

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Artist history and profiles... this is something I have always been uncomfortable with....what does one say about him or herself.The sound of it's request, is to put down facts and figures about one's life.....statistics. It seems I have always been a part of music...or it a part of me. My music is about baring my inner most self....not numbers and least to me anyway. I guess I'm a hopeless romantic. I don't play music...I feel comes from deep inside of me. I can no more stop it than stop the blood pumping through my veins. My music is part of me....the best and the worst of who and what I am. Many times I have told people that want to know me....know my music....and know the true me. Not the false fronts that we all put on to protect ourselves from day to day life. To know my music is to look into my heart and soul. I stand naked and exposed before those who please be gentle.