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Featuring 22 bands from America's heartland - SOLD OUT

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ecret Cajun Band originated in 1989 in a conspiracy between the NAACP, the IRA, and the PAC-10 Athletic Conference. The members were born when a chemical designed to flavor the entire U.S. fleet of Special School District Busses to taste like the Brown Hornet 3rd Year Anniversary Prime Time Variety Show was inadvertently spilled onto John Madden's pants, resulting in a 5 piece ska band hailing from St. Louis, Missouri.You may have seen Secret Cajun Band in any number of places; from the coffee shops of the Pacific Northwest to the storage sheds in Florida, from the convents in NYC to the ballrooms in Los Angeles, from the campuses of Division 3 colleges in Wisconsin to the speakeasies of New Orleans, Secret Cajun Band has spread their message of 'thrift store ska' in a countless number of states. Check them out!