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ACE MOB Records,LLC is a hip-hop and R&B recording label, a production company, a studio facility, and most important of all, a family consist of 5 producers, 8 rappers, 1 male r&b singer, 1 female r&b singer and 1 reggae rapper. Located in Raleigh, NC and established in 1999, founded by Part Owner, CEO, and artist NB-Holla who has been crowned one of the hottest producers in the state of NC. 'We do not make killing music, we do not make music that down grades females and we definetly do not make music bragging about accesories, what we do make are hits and the type of music that anybody can relate to in their every day life.' Before Ace Mob, there was a group called Asid-Ace consisting of only 3 members NB-Holla, Shadow, & Phlaze back in 1999. Then a year later, the label went on adding 3 more members in 2000 who helped on building the succes of Asid Ace Records who later became known as Ace Mob Records. The label is still growing year after year adding more artists, producers, a management team, street team, promoters, a&r department, public relations, web designer and so on to better fullfill the demand for Ace Mob Records. Success comes from hard working and hard working comes from integrety, sacraficing, pride and putting in 110% effort in everything you do is what Ace Mob beleives. ACE MOB has had a lot of label that has influnced and inspired them to making nothing but hits. Some of ACE MOB influnceis are Roc-a-fella, Aftermath, G-Unit, Timbaland, Tupac, Bad Boy, the whole Def Jam artists, and Murder Inc. What sets the label apart from the rest is every artist on the label have there own little unique style but when brought together, it's brings together something special and beautiful. One of the specialties about the artists on this label is their ability to perform on stage. If anybody knows how to put on the show, these guys are the one for the job. They bring the excitement, the energy, and the power to the stage to make the crowd feel like they are part of the performance. Please feel free to roam around the website checking out our past and upcoming shows/events and to learn more about our label, artists, producers and goals.