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Valley of the G'z

This Compilation is available to the public. Most TTR cuts are STRICKLY Club/underground. Book Gee Has decided to take the groups sounds to different levels. There are 2 CD's out fromt TTR (Trunktight Records of AZ). This is the first from Book Gee.Book Gee reigns from Phoenix Arizona. He is putting AZ on the MAP after a LONG time coming. There are lot's of talented rap artist in AZ, but Book Gee is known for a couple things. TIGHT slow flows and his BEATS!! BEATS BEATS BEATS!! No one is gettin at Book Gee on the beats. Almost 50 DIFFERENT artist DEPEND on Book Gee for the DOPE beats. This compilation includes cuts from 1999-current. The album has been along time coming, but turned out VERY very well. Radio play, car clubs and cruisers bump Trunktight music.All beats/music recorded/mixed/arranged by Book Gee for Trunktight Records of AZ. Fee free to get at us if you want to get [email protected]

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Bio: Book Smoov reigns from Phoenix Arizona. He is the Owner/CEO of TrunkTight Records of AZ. This cat is Representin what PHOENIX is about, and We are BLOWING up the SPOT! I Started Trunktight Records of AZ back in 1990. I've worked with some of the most talented artist here in AZ, and as a result I have been able to sign several Rappers AND R&B artist to my Label. The members of TrunkTight Records of AZ consist of the following Members: B.C. (AKA Tiny Tim), Laron, Nitty, 2-Sicc, Chaka, Seirra and Jerome. TrunkTight Records has been making a name for itself over the years, but RECENTLY, it seems EVERYTHING we do is blowing up here in the valley. We have been getting SERIOUS radio airplay, we have a few shows coming up as well. All beats/ryhmes are made INHOUSE. I am responsible for the making of the beats/mixdown and some recording. Because we have 2 project studio's, we can lay tracks down in real time!! Get AT TRUNKTIGHT RECORDS at [email protected] for questions regarding beats or if you would like to collab with us. HollaBand Members: Book Gee..AKA Book Smoov..AKA tha Devils Advocate.6/9/05 - Book Smoov and Trunktight Records HIT THE AIRWABES in FULL force! #3 requested cuts on the radio in phoenix the first DAY!!!