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The C.D. available here will contain the songs viewed here plus several others. They are all recorded proffessionally so they will sound a whole lot better than the ones viewable here.All songs heard on are recorded in my jam room by me. I have never recorded anything before in my life, so please understand that these are not of the greatest potential. In order to hear us at our best you will need to purchase a C.D. at a very affordable price, or come to see us live ini the Greater Portland/Vancouver ares.On the Songs we have featured, we have Matt Tekverk on Drums/Vocals, Erik Martin on Bass/Moog Synthesizer, and Jeremy Toren, Lead Guitarist/Lead Vocals.

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We are UNTRIED AUTHORITY. We are a Progressive Rock and Roll band with influences like almost all of the 90's grunge bands, and groups like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radio Head, Incubus, and nearly every classic rock band ever!We are looking for people to not just buy our music, as much as we are looking for people to become a part of the music.Any halfway talented group will tell you its not about the money, it never was, and never should be. Of course we all need cash to survive but to be a musician to make money is pretty much futile.All we want is for you to hear our music and hope you like it!! If you dont then keep checking back because time will improve all of our skills and writing abilities.Well thats about it. Oh yeh dont forget to check us out on My Space, that is where we keep all of our major event postings.