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the dance

This piece was created using acrylic paints. the meaning behind this painting is the dance we play between the sexes, if you look closly you can see a female figure in the forground danceing with a male figure behind her bowing down, you can only really see this under a black light though.

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Greetings fellow Artist and appreciators. My Name is Levi Rosen. i have been taking art classes since i was 3... so i guess that makes me an Artist. i hope you enjoy my work, but i do have to warn you i do not make sofa paintings. my work usually tends towards the edgy and emotional. my mediums range from acrylic paints to ceramics, I will also do commissions within reason (such as CD covers for bands, paintings and such like). at the moment in this time i am attending UHCL for my bachalors degree in visual arts and applied design, then i will go for my masters in ceramics then after i finish that i will try to get my MFA in either sculpture or ceramics... not sure yet. my interests are varied, i do jewelry makeing clay work, digital media, acrylic painting, metal work, wood work... pretty much you name it i've done it or in the works of doing it! i really want to just create and live off of my creations; that is my dream. feel free to contact me with my email or myspace account, i am a very open and friendly person. thank you for visiting and have an astounding day full of trials and tribulations!