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Late Bloomer

Late Bloomer, the debut release by a hundred aces, is a collection of 15 songs - some straight up rock, some with a bit of an alternative edge, and others with a little pop flavor. Loaded with raw charm, there's enough variety to keep it enjoyable from the first song to the last.

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With over 25 years of songwriting experience Tom Folden has been giving the public a taste of his unique style of alternative rock. The music is best described as ambiguous and left to ones own interpretation. Hes spent the last couple decades playing various songwriter showcases as well as performing at coffee houses and clubs in L.A. and Orange Counties. A talented and respected artist who has seen several sides of the music business, from performer to publicist to stage hand with tour experience, Tom has acquired a broad knowledge of the industry.</p>In 2010, he released his debut cd titled Late Bloomer, under the artist name a hundred aces. Aside from playing and writing, Tom has directed the public relations efforts for The Courtney Chambers Band, The Velvet Ash, Marmalade Skies Michele Rene/Robert Bancalari, and has done publicity for Michele Rene as a solo artist.</p>Tom began his songwriting career in mid-1982. A precursor to his songwriting was the poetry he dabbled in while he was a senior in high school. Until 1987 he wrote primarily lyrics, but as he began to play guitar, his art emerged into song. Like many young artists, the first songs he wrote possessed a raw charm. With time and an unrelenting desire to exceed, his songs began to flourish. Those raw early songs, like fine wine, became refined with age, and when plays live, it shows.</p>As a singer Tom has an excellent command of his voice; he knows how to use it, and knows how its used well.</p> I sing with both passion and soul, he says.</p>His vocal and artist influences include David Bowie, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, Robert Plant, Bono, Bryan Ferry, Richard Butler, and many, many others.</p>After a hiatus from performing, give or take a jam session here or there, Tom is eager to again go public with what he has toiled so laboriously for.</p>Ultimately its the music, he says. I just love to play and perfect this craft I feel blessed to have.