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Inspired by my studies of life sciences and evolution. The engineering of certain insects can be of marvel. What if we were to have been made in such a way.

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Often times, I have had trouble leaving my expression of an idea purely to the devices of written and spoken language. Over the years, I have been working towards a visual representation of the world I interact with. Painting has helped me to articulate certain experiences through image, shape, and color. Through visual arts I am able to leave the viewer open to their own interpretation of what I have tried to relate. It is a sort of dialogue that can trigger an emotional response without asking too specific of a question. I have been motivated by my own need to further the social interaction which is important to our growth. Like my connections with others, I consider my art a work in progress, which continually surprises, elates, and frustrates me. I feel there is no concrete end to this process, only a path which leads to more of an understanding of myself and those around me.