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One in a series of the study of rural Nebraska and it's artifacts... Printed on archival Kodak paper... Smaller Images Avaliable by email

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I fell in love with the camera on my quest to become a professional musician. On a fateful trip to New York for a recording session a wonderful producer by the name of Jesse Sprinkle introduced me to what would ultimately become my obsession - viewing life through a camera lens. Since that day I haven't looked back. I now see the world in f-stops and cropping options. It is a wonderful thing. This website is a taste of how I see the wonderful world around me. It is a sample of what we can do for you at S. William Dahl Photography. I have worked for 7 years developing my style and approach to professional photography. I have had the pleasure of shooting everything from family portraits and weddings to working with commercial businesses meeting their photographic needs. Basically no matter what I am shooting I try to bring just a taste of an artist's flair to the shoot. Currently I am finishing my 4th year as a full time photographer and would love to say thanks to all the customers that have graced my life and my camera. It has been an adventure and I thank you all for your time! Anyway a picture is suppose to be worth a thousand words so I will let you see what my work has to say to you! Thank you for stopping by and God bless.