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Shattered Earth

Breaking into a demolition site isn't easy but most definatly worth it. The earth here was shattered by the force of tumbling masonry.

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The sales blurb:I'm a budding professional photographer looking for a way to break into the market. I generally specialise in music photography, both live and posed (although I much prefer live). The few times that I do what you might call portrait photography I try to keep it casual, catching people being themselves and not posing. I'm also a trained graphic designer and have done work for several bands in the past. End of blurb.Ok. Now for what I'm like. I'm pretty easy going and take life as it comes. I guess my parents would call my life style haphazard and chaotic, which is just the way I like it. Randomness is an everyday part of my life, one day I'll be wandering through woods in Wales, the next I'll be climbing around the town centre making odd noises with my compadries (and this means you Alex, Doug and Paul). I love going to gigs and feel a mosh pit is needed at every gig. To top it all off I'm a closet philosopher and always carry a camera.