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Bodi, CA The house was abandoned at some point in the 1940's. The inhabitants had left apparently in the midst of packing. A hat rests neatly on the back of a chair, and a box of clothes lays open with clothing spilling out. It is a wonder what caused them to leave in that state and intruiging that something could be left in such a hurry yet remain perfectly preserved in that state of flux for over half a century. An etheral glow from the window adds an otherworldliness to the image.I am offering this as an extremely limited edition in 7x20 on black mount board. It is an open edition with prints made to order, but I will be ending the series after only a few orders have been placed.

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Please check back often there is much more to come! Thanks!For me, art is an investigation of the spiritual, of the balance between the physical and ephemeral, a striving to create a visual dialogue, a means of personal growth, a development of ideas and ideals. Art is a mirror of our world through which we gain deeper knowledge. Among my influences I must count not only artists but also theologians, scientists, and writers who have imparted seeds which blossom into new incarnations in my art. As Albert Einstein states, 'Science without religion is lame religion without science is blind.' I feel as well that all disciplines are enriched by relations to each other. In my art I explore scientific, philosophical, and spiritual theories and their connections. As Minor White did, I strive to capture an image which will elicit an emotion in the viewer or spark an epiphany which need not exactly replicate my own thought process or feeling in the creation. As long as my audience receives something positive from my work I have succeeded. Currently I am intrigued by ideas of the nature of our makeup, of what is our essence, how our physical and mental selves connect and how scientists and theologians have proposed these things, especially in their connection to art. By creating art which explores these and other ideas, I hope to open a dialogue which excludes no one, but encourages people to form a pragmatic and metaphysically enriched view accepting of others.