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Keep Out

The wind blew across the winter cornfield near an abandoned barn in Nebraska, dropping the temperature to negative degrees. Standing in the cold, the 'Keep Out' spray painted to the side said it all. It told a story that 'No Trespassing' signs, nor would the late night scares with the shot gun detour the delinquents and random intruders. So, for a last attempt to detour the trespassers, the can of black spray paint would insure their deterrent.

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I remember as a kid watching slide shows that my dad out on of family vacations, of nature, of the redwood trees of our old home in California, to us kids growing up, and wanting to be able to put on my own slide shows, showing off my photos of what ever I found interesting. I begged my dad to allow me to use his nice Minolta, and failed but got to use his old on that the shutter stuck every once in awhile. Then began my journey of life through a camera lens. Growing now from the Minolta to bigger, better, newer, and mega pixels I have found a new love for photography. Working full time for a family owned company and having the ?corner office with a window?, I used to look out and imagine being on the other side of the glass. Yet with my new found love, I have broken out of that corner office. Overtime I will share with you, the viewer, more and more of the interesting things that have been captured through the camera lens of Chadwick. Come and visit and look deep into each photo as they are described by Chadwick of what is behind each photo.~Chadwick