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Lost In Austin

I guess the reason the album is named 'Lost In Austin' is because that's how we felt for a good part of a year. It's pretty easy to get lost in Austin, and if you've ever lived here you know what I'm talking about, both in the literal and metaphorical sense. The whole thing was done with a crappy radio shack microphone and a computer at David's house. We'd put the microphone in the middle of the room and play for hours. Later, I went through hours of recordings of which I only selected the best. These recordings are what came of that. Hope you enoy!-Mike

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Thank you for checking out my music on Artopium. These songs came from various jam sessions I played with a dear close friend of mine. David and I would play for hours in his living room and sometimes, if I was lucky enough, I could record a bit on my laptop. <br><br>Hope you enjoy these recordings!