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Oil Painting. 2006. A nude torso wrapped in rose vines. Blood trickling down the frame. The skin tone is that of a corpse, however there is still an element of warmth. I did not use and special techniques. I was inspired by plain emotion. I wanted to experiment with a darker type of art, and this one just poured out of me. This is a pretty emotional piece, however it's hard to pin point exactly which emotion. One can obviously see the sensual side of the subject, however there is the anger or sorrow one can easily understand to be represented in this painting as well... it will make a wonderful addition to any household that enjoys the darker side of the art and/or erotic world.

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I believe that art can be theraputic for not only artists, but for collectors alike. Art is a form of communication and has been since the day it was born. Sometimes the ideas communicated are beautiful, sometimes they are grotesque. But in the end, I believe it is all needed. When observing art, take some time to relate to the piece. Many people like to look at a piece and try to analyze what it must have meant to the artist. I think more people should look at art and become more introspective. What does the piece mean to you? To your culture? What does it say? To YOU!? Art is my lifesource. It is the only thing keeping me from exploding. I enjoy experimenting with Acrylics, Oils, Plaster, Concrete, and Wood. Honestly I like to use most any material. I am inspired by my own emotions and the state of our world. I am currently completing my art degree. As interest in my art grows, I find that I must compensate for that by providing a means of trade and communication. Hopefully I will now be able to reach a much wider audience and share what I have to say with more people than ever.